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Your questions about finances and wealth beyond money will be answered during this unique radio call-in show.
Call 1.888.577.5446 during the show to submit your questions.


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Relevant Radio Network airs the CWBM Show

"Creating Wealth Beyond Money" is broadcast on the Relevant Radio network in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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CWBM Show host John Tetzloff  

John Tetzloff, FICF, CLU, LUTCF, is an Advanced Case Specialist and Trainer with Catholic United Financial. John has 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial products industry, and is a licensed fraternal insurance counselor.


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"Creating Wealth Beyond Money" is a radio program sponsored by the Catholic United Fiancial, a fraternal life insurance and financial products company, providing security and stability to Catholic families for more than 132 years. Learn more about how Catholic United Financial helps Catholic parishes and families in your area by visiting

Catholic United is the sponsor of the CWBM Radio Show

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John is available to answer your questions on the air and off. Call 1.888.577.5446 during the show to submit your questions, or email them to

John is available to answer your questions!